New Study from Klout Reveals Best Times to Post on Social to Reach the Most People

By Jillean Kearney on July 03, 2015

New Study from Klout Reveals Best Times to Post on Social to Reach the Most PeopleA new study from Klout reveals that social posts that go out between the nine-to-five work hours are the most likely to get reactions from audiences. The study also found that geography plays a role in engagement metrics.

Klout studied 144 million posts from Twitter and Facebook — and looked at 1.1 billion reactions (retweets, comments, likes, etc.). In New York and San Francisco, social media users are more likely to react to posts during the first half of the work day. While in Paris, users are more likely to react after lunch, and Londoners react at the tail-end of a work day. 

From Klout:

"User schedules need to be personalized for maximum engagement, and using a generalized schedule based on regional averages is limited in effectiveness. Why? Because any user's audience is typically spread across various locations. So, when you tweet from Dallas, Texas it reaches your audience that is in the same city/time zone as you, but it doesn't arrive at the prime time for reactions for any of your followers who are in different locations around the country or globe. Thus, the likelihood of them reacting is much lower."

User activity on Twitter significantly dips, while Facebook remains steady.

"We found that a majority of reactions occur within the first two hours of the original posting time on most networks. Audience behavior differs significantly on different networks though, with Twitter having larger reaction volumes in shorter time windows immediately after the post (50% of reactions with the first 30 minutes), and as compared to Facebook which reaches 50% of reactions after two hours," Klout stated.

Read more at the Offical Klout Blog.

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July 03, 2015

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