Content Curation: Common Myths & How to Overcome Them

By Jillean Kearney on November 06, 2015

Content curation is shrouded in a lot of myth and  mystery - but it shouldn't be. 

Marketing Profs Daily put together a list of common content curation myths and tips on how to overcome them.

One myth that was identified is that content curation is "lazy and unoriginal."

When done correctly, content curation actually works to help marketing teams achieve their goals by providing their target audience with content and information relevant to their interests and pain points. 

"Identify what content you want to curate by ensuring it's something that really matters to your customers. Seek out only the best resources and add value to that content by explaining why the content is important and why it matters to your audiences. They'll love you for serving up valuable content - and your original insights - that they need and can use," Tasia Gonsalves-Barriero wrote.

See the full list over at Marketing Profs Daily. 

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November 06, 2015
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