2015's Best Holiday Marketing Campaigns

By Jillean Kearney on December 14, 2015

Right now, everyone everywhere is being inundated with holiday campaigns. 

HubSpot pulled together a list of this year's best holiday marketing campaigns – the ones that delight consumers and spread holiday cheer by promoting sharing.

Oreo, for example, launched a "Design a Pack of Oreos" campaign for the holiday season. Back in November, the brand sent out an invitation via Twitter for customers to design and personalize a pack of Oreos. It's a simple campaign with the potential to create some very thoughtful gifts.

Another example is the "Starbucks for Life" campaign, a coffee sweepstakes. This Holiday Season, five Starbucks rewards members will win a free beverage and food item a day for the next thirty years. It's a really smart way to promote new sign-ups for its rewards program. The campaign is also getting customers to buy more coffee – each time a rewards member makes a Starbucks purchase using their rewards card, they get a code. They then have to login to StarbucksForLife.com to enter their code to see if they won or not.

See more holiday campaigns here.

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December 14, 2015
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