Facebook Introduces New Feature that Lets Users Pick What They See First in Their News Feeds

By Jillean Kearney on July 09, 2015

Facebook just got a lot more personal.

The social network has introduced a new set of features that hand over control of News Feeds to each individual user.

Within Facebook's app, users have access to more options within the "News Feed Preferences" menu.

The preference menu now has four sections that allow users to prioritize which friends' updates to see first within their News Feed, unfollow friends so that their posts stay hidden, reconnect with people that have previously been unfollowed and discover new pages.

The option to "prioritize who to see first" gives users the option to select 30 accounts (people and pages) so that their newest updates will always appear first in their News Feeds. Read more over at Mashable. 

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July 09, 2015
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