Facebook Unleashes New Emoji-based Buttons

By Jillean Kearney on October 08, 2015

Last month, Facebook announced that it was working on a way to allow users to express more emotions than just "Like". This week, the Social Network released its new set of "Reactions", a set of emojis that allows users to love, laugh and show disdain for their friends' posts.

Today, some Facebook users in Ireland are the first to test out the new Reactions, which are all below. 

Mashable posted a first-hand account from a Facebook user in Ireland's first day using the six new Reactions. From Mashable:

I can see why Facebook felt it necessary to give users something more expressive than the Like button, though. With the social networking platform increasingly becoming a place to share news, images of the refugee crisis and stories about police brutality cannot be acknowledged with a breezy thumbs-up; it seems more than a little insensitive.

The kind of news that goes viral is rarely upbeat. Scrolling through my timeline, I am seeing expressions of sadness and anger in reaction to world events and it already feels normal.

Read Mashable's full post.

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October 08, 2015
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