Google Answers Questions About its Upcoming Mobile Algorithm Update

By Jillean Kearney on March 30, 2015

An Update on Google's Upcoming Mobile Algorithm ChangeGoogle will be rolling out a new ranking algorithm beginning on April 21st that will effect its mobile search results.

Mobile-friendliness will now be a top ranking-factor for search queries made via smartphones and tablets. 

Google recently answered questions in a Google+ Hangout to clarify concerns from the SEO community. 

The three big takeaways from the video are: 

1. While the algorithm launches April 21st, it will take a few days (and up to a week) to complete.

2. There are no degrees of mobile-friendliness. You either are, or you are not. 

3. The quickest method to find out whether you're mobile-friendly or not is to check whether if your site has Google's mobile-friendly label in current search results.

Watch the full video below.

Read more about the update over at Search Engine Land.

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March 30, 2015
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