Google Begins Using Search Results to Warn Site Owners that They're Not Mobile-friendly

By Jillean Kearney on April 07, 2016

Google Begins Using Search Results to Warn Site Owners that their Not Mobile-friendly Google recently announced that it will be making updates to the mobile-friendly algorithm in May. The algorithm, which was launched last year in April, uses mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal in mobile search results.

Now, a month before the update, Google has begun displaying a new type of warning to site owners if their site is not mobile-friendly. 

This new warning displays within mobile search results, but only to the site owner (when Google knows that site owner is the searcher). 

The message appears within the rich snippet of the site's mobile search result listing as "Your page is not mobile-friendly." The warning links to a Google help page regarding mobile-friendliness.

Google's John Mueller stated that these warnings are an experiment to determine whether or not they will help increase mobile-friendliness. 

Via Search Engine Land.

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April 07, 2016
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