Google Confirms Core Ranking Algorithm Update Rolled Out Earlier this Spring

By Jillean Kearney on May 19, 2015

Earlier in May, many webmasters noticed changes in Google rankings and referral traffic from the search engine.

This led to suspicions that Google had tweaked its ranking algorithm, but the search engine was totally mum on whether any changes were implemented, except to confirm that there had been no Panda or Penguin updates. 

Now, Google has confirmed that it did in fact launch a core algorithm update in regards to how it measures and ranks quality.

Google reps spoke to Search Engine Land (and they've penned the change as "The Quality Update") to confirm that its quality signals have been tweaked but the roll out didn't include any spam-related filtering. Google wouldn't divulge details about how quality is assessed now, but check out our blog post How Google Defines "Quality Content" & Why it's Important to learn more about what Google likes and doesn't like. 

For more on the update, coined Google Phantom Update by SEOs, click here.

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May 19, 2015
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