Google Debuts Experimental New Podium for Sharing Content on Search Results Pages

By Jillean Kearney on March 07, 2016

Google is starting to experiment with a brand new format of search results, which will eventually enable public figures and business to manage a one-way content feed that is directly built into search results pages.

The "experimental new podium" is currently only available to US presidential candidates.

From Google: 

"Every day millions of people search on Google, many of whom are looking for information about the upcoming presidential elections. Now, there's a way for users to hear directly from the candidates they're searching for in real time on Google."

Currently, presidential candidates can publish text, images and videos directly on Google. The content will appear in search results immediately, and these posts can be shared across social networks. 

Some small businesses are already part of the new feature's experimentation phase, and it's very possible that this new feature will evolve into a useful and powerful tool for brands to deliver their content via Google.

Via Google.

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March 07, 2016
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