Google's Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Update: The Winners & Losers (So Far)

By Jillean Kearney on April 28, 2015

Google's Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Update: The Winners & Losers (So Far)Every Google algorithm roll-out has its winners and losers. 

It's been a week since Google began rolling out its Mobile-friendly Update.

Since then, "Mobilegeddon" has already had an impact on search results; and search visibility for some big brands has taken a hit. Most notably, the big losers of the algorithm have been Reddit, Vogue, NBC Sports and a handful of others.

For those out of the loop, Google's Mobile-friendly Update (coined "Mobilegeddon" by the SEO community) launched last Tuesday, April 21st.

The roll-out, over the course of a week (projected to maybe take longer than that), is re-jigging Google's mobile search results to reward mobile-friendly webpages with top rankings (Read more about the update: How Google's Upcoming Update Will Reward Mobile-friendly Sites). 

The good news: Any negative impact of the Mobile-friendly Update is not permanent. Once a webpage becomes mobile-friendly, it will be able to move up the ranks of mobile search results. 

Searchmetrics released a list of Mobilegeddon's winners and losers. It pulled data from Searchmetrics Suite, a marketing and SEO software platform used by enterprise companies, once key changes in data were noticed. 

"These first results may be (yet) considered as preliminary when it comes to some examples, but definitely, there is a clear trend emerging," Searchmetrics posted on its blog. The Searchmetrics blog lists out the biggest losers and winners, and also has a downloadable PDF that includes in-depth analysis. 

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April 28, 2015
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