How Makeup Brand Urban Decay Leverages Social Media for Product Launches

By Jillean Kearney on June 08, 2015

How Makeup Brand Leverages Social Media for Product LaunchesSocial media plays an integral role in makeup brand Urban Decay's product launches.

Social media has also enabled the brand to build a lot of hype and a loyal cult following for its series of eyeshadow palettes, called Naked, that first launched five years ago.

Last week, Urban Decay launched the fourth eyeshadow palette in the series, Naked Smoky, and used Snapchat (a new addition to the brand's social strategy) to make a big splash.

The brand joined Snapchat in the last week of May. It asked it's 500,000+ Twitter followers to add the brand on Snapchat to access an exclusive announcement.

"Our die-hard fans love being first to know something, and being first among that circle of influence," John Perasco, Urban Decay's assistant vice president of digital infrastructure. "It spreads from them and they feel part of the community. There's so much storytelling in the social sphere."

The exclusive announcement was the Naked Smoky palette video below.

After Snapchat, the video was posted to YouTube and shared across Twitter and other social networks. Within a week, the video has received over 100,000 views. That's a pretty big boost from the brand's usual YouTube view count of 3,000 views per video.

Read more over at Digiday.

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June 08, 2015
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