Lessons from a Brand that Started to Blog

By Jillean Kearney on March 05, 2015

Blogging lessonsHeledd Jones wrote a post for Econsultancy about what she has learned from her transition as a brand turning into a blogger.

A big lesson was that blogging generates revenue.

"I actually bought things based on blogger recommendations. These might seem like obvious points to you – but previously when we were working with bloggers, I have to be honest I only thought of them as one person, one post supporting our campaign, one link. I thought of their traffic stats as numbers, not as people," Jones wrote.

"Blog posts I wrote reviewing products that I'd bought with my own money generated sales of those products. Again, this shouldn't be a surprise – the power of word-of-mouth – but it was the fist time I'd partaken in it."

Jones also learned that blogging costs time and money. "As a brand, I never paid a blogger to write about us. I always thought it was cheeky that they requested payment in exchange for what I thought was useful (often exclusive/embargoed) content for their blog. Now I know how much time can go into writing and promoting a blog post, I can sort of see where they're coming from."

Read more over at Econsultancy.

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March 05, 2015
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