Lessons in Social Media Marketing from Taylor Swift

By Jillean Kearney on January 09, 2015

Taylor Swift is really good at social media. The pop star has over 140 million followers/subscribers across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Digiday put together five lessons that brands can learn from Swift's successful social media strategy.

First up is #Taylurking. Unlike many brands and celebrities, Swift's social presence isn't all about her. She's as interested and invested in her followers as they are in her. She's constantly re-tweeting things from her followers, and she often comments on her fans' Instagram posts. During the Holiday season, she "lurked" fans to find out as much as she could about them, and then sent them huge boxes of gifts based off of what she learned.

Another lesson to learn from Taylor Swift is that every social networking platform is different and should be approached as such. Swift engages fans differently on each platform.

See the other three lessons over at Digiday.

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January 09, 2015
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