New Research Shows that Snapchat is a Viable Social Strategy Option

By Jillean Kearney on February 18, 2016

SnapchatNew insights into Snapchat's user base and engagement stats indicate that the platform could be a great asset for marketing team's strategies to get ads and content in front of a targeted audience.

For example, Snapchat's user base is highly engaged.

Everyday, 65% of Snapchat's 100 million users upload their own photos. Compare that to Facebook's 35% of  active users that are uploading photos on a daily basis.

Snapchat users are engaging with the platform and each other constantly. The app is perceived and used as a tool to build and sustain a personal brand, instead of a tool used to passively receive information.

From Social Media Examiner: "The user with this level of emotional tie-in promotes and buys far more than the passive user just perusing the latest sound bite or unique fact. Once the platform becomes saturated, it requires far more time and budget to pull attention away from competitors."

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February 18, 2016
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