Simple & Often Over-looked Ways to Optimize Content

By Jillean Kearney on September 04, 2015

Search Engine Land put together a list of eight simple, yet often over-looked, ways to optimize content for search engines.

One of the easiest ways you can boost your SEO is with well-written title tags.

"Why is it that some websites feel the need to list everything but the kitchen sink in a title tag? Yet other sites may just ignore the title tag for each page, choosing to duplicate them by default. The poor title tag has often been an abused tag on the Web page, with some SEOs desperately stuffing keywords into the title tag like it was a Thanksgiving turkey," Janet Driscoll wrote.

Instead, a title tag should clearly describe a page's content in 50-60 characters, and entice a searcher to click on your link instead of the rest. Read the full list. 

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September 04, 2015
Categories:  Content Managers
Keywords:  SEO Copywriting

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