The Continued Rise of Long-Tail Keywords

By Jillean Kearney on April 08, 2015

Last year, long-tail keywords drove more referral traffic form Google than ever before.

Agency Zazzle Media studied the rise of the long-tail keywords over the course of 12 months across its clients' websites. The agency noticed a very significant growth of traffic to web pages coming from organic long-tail keyword searches.

They dug deep to find out why this is happening. Zazzle found that, over the past couple of years, Google has evolved to reward long-tail keyword optimization and quality content by applying algorithm updates, like Hummingbird, to give Google users the most relevant and helpful content. Google aims to deliver the right content to its users.

"The primary factor behind this rise behind this rise is the creation of the "right" content to take advantage of this changing marketplace. Getting that right requires an approach reminiscent of the way traditional marketing has worked for decades — before the web even existed.  In practice, that means understanding the audience you are attempting to capture and, in doing so, outlining the the key questions they are asking every day," Simon Penson wrote for The Moz Blog.

Read more about leveraging long-tail keywords in your content over at The Moz Blog

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April 08, 2015
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