The Huffington Post Celebrates 10th Birthday with a Redeisgn

By Jillean Kearney on September 29, 2015

To celebrate it's 10th anniversary earlier this year, The Huffington Post gave its mobile and international sites mini face lifts, and the publisher is continuing to work on full-fledged redesigns for its mobile and desktop sites.

The final redesign will be launched in early 2016, but The Huffington Post, and its design firm Code and Theory, provided a sneak peek of what's coming at Advertising Week.

A major update is that The Huffington Post is re-purposing its infamous homepage splash to make other pages feel like its homepage, too. This is a direct result of the homepage's declining status as a top entry page. Readers are clicking on article links from Facebook, Twitter, etc, and skipping over the homepage entirely.

The Huffington Post is also using more of its signature green color across the site, along with the splash. "This is an essence that is really unique, so we wanted to extend it beyond the homepage," Dan Gardner, co-founder of design agency Code and Theory, said.

Read more over at Digiday.

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