The Rising Trend of Video Backgrounds & Splashes on Homepages

By Jillean Kearney on October 13, 2015

Homepage Videos and GIFsGIF and video backgrounds are taking over homepages across the web. It's a trend that is gaining traction because today's most user-friendly customer experience is a website that is simple, easy-to-use and quickly gets its message across. Sometimes, a video splashed across a homepage is the easiest way to achieve all of that. 

Additionally, the wide-spread use of smartphones has resulted in users being accustomed and comfortable with scrolling, and content can be now dispersed further down a webpage without impacting user-experience.

For your inspiration, Econsultancy put together a list of 10 homepages that successfully use the homepage background video.

One site that made the list is Airbnb. Its homepage splash displays a video of travelers waking up and exploring their vacation spots. The video effortlessly gets the brand's whole offering across in a few seconds.

See the full list over at Econsultancy. 

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October 13, 2015
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