Website Visitors Only Read 20% of Content On Average

By Jillean Kearney on September 14, 2015

On average, users only read 20% of a webpage's content.

Online reading behaviors differ from those of books and newspapers. Website visitors generally scan content because they're looking for a quick and easy answer to their question or problem.

Eye-tracking studies have discovered that most people consume online content in the shape of the letter 'F'.

The below images are heat maps that show where online readers' eyes go and for how long. The red parts are where the most time is spent, and blue indicates the least amount of time-spent.

For readers that just scan online content (which is almost all of them), keep in mind the following formats to make your content easily digestable for them: 

  • Use bullet points where ever possible

  • Break content in sections with subheadings

  • Keep paragraphs short

  • Bold important points

Via Econsultancy.

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September 14, 2015
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