What Traits Should Every Content Marketer Have?

By Jillean Kearney on April 03, 2015

What Traits Should Every Content Marketer Have?Marketing has significantly evolved to be integrated into every aspect of a business' operations.

"...Marketing is no longer an afterthought that enters at the end stage when it's time to promote a product or raise awareness. In a well-integrated business, marketing should control, touch, or influence virtually every part of the company. From product development to customer advocacy, smart marketing is the driving force for businesses that are poised for growth," Hana Abaza wrote for MarketingProfs

The content marketer is at the center of all this change. Content, after all, is the heart and soul of marketing.

Check out MarketingProf's infographic that outlines the traits of a great content marketer.

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April 03, 2015
Categories:  Content Managers

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