App Design: UX Tips

By Jillean Kearney on June 12, 2015


Creating an app with a poor user-experience is the quickest way to have it be opened once by a user and then never again. Six Revisions has a list of important user-experience elements for an app.

The list includes "adaptive elements", and uses OpenTable's app as an example of how this is done right.

"OpenTable is a restaurant reservation app. It also knows a lot about the user, such as what they like to eat.

When I make a reservation using OpenTable, it’s presented in the main menu area — I can’t miss it. The app’s UI adapts to me, making it easy for me to see crucial, time-sensitive content.

And when I’m thinking about making a reservation, OpenTable suggests places it thinks I’ll like based on my previous restaurant reviews and my current geolocation."

Read more over at Six Revisions.

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June 12, 2015
Categories:  Web Developers

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