The Rising Popularity of Hidden Mobile Navigation Menus

By Jillean Kearney on March 16, 2015

A popular mobile usability trend is to hide an app or website's navigation off screen, and to only be revealed once interacted with - via a click, slide, etc. This trend is turning out to be a great way to clean a website/app of clutter.

Econsultancy rounded up 10 well-executed examples of hidden mobile menus. 

First up is Inbox, Google's brand new email app. The app hides all folders in a hamburger in the top left of the app. When clicked, the navigation menu slides across.

Another example is Spotify's web player, which boasts a slew of interesting navigation elements, including a hidden search tool  that overlaps its hidden navigation options.

See more over at Econsultancy

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March 16, 2015
Categories:  Web Developers

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