Eye-tracking Study Reveals How Consumers View Online Display Ads

By Jillean Kearney on February 01, 2016

Mediative conducted an eye-tracking study to find out whether people actually notice online display ads.

The study used 39 participants of all ages, and they were asked to complete specific search tasks in order for the researchers to find out if they took notice of the ads and which formats saw the highest engagement.

The study included leaderboard (720x90), skyscraper (300x600) and big box (300x250) ads. Mediative used both real websites and mock-ups for the study.

Researchers were able to use the study's data to create heat maps that illustrate the length of time spent looking at different parts of a webpage. They were also able to create gaze maps that indicate where on a page user most clicked.

They concluded that about 16.6% of all ads served to participants were viewed. About 50% more ads were viewed when placed above the fold when compared to those placed below to fold; additionally, on average, ads placed above the fold were viewed for 87% longer.

The study also found that it is 80% more likely for an ad to be noticed by a participant if its content is relevant to the task currently being worked on, when compared to ads relevant to a previous task.

Read more over at MarketingProfs.

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February 01, 2016
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