How Birchbox Does Website Personalisation

By Jillean Kearney on October 27, 2015

Birchbox's Personalisation PlanLiz Crawford is CTO of Birchbox, a company that ships its subscribers a box full of personalized beauty samples per month. Birchbox also boasts a an online store for shoppers to purchase full-sized products.

Crawford spoke at #canvasconf and website personalisation, and provided insights into how personalisation can work well with eCommerce.

At the event, Crawford stated that personalisation has to be much more than a recommendation engine.

A strategy that has worked well for Birchbox is "personalisation that disappears."

Birchbox provides a service that allows its subscribers to try beauty products, learn what's out there and to eventually buy what they like. As a result, its online shopping experience is designed to be an easy and fun experience of beauty discovery.

Crawford described Birchbox's strategy of "personalisation that disappears" as serving the right message to the right shopper.

Additionally, this type of personalisation is known to each shopper, but it runs in the background as to not disrupt the brand's discovery experience.

An example of this type of personalisation can be seen when a shopper returns to the Birchbox website without having purchased anything the first time around. A message like, "Liz, are you looking for this?" that includes links to previously-viewed products can greet the shopper on their second visit.

Via Econsultancy.

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October 27, 2015
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