How Data-driven Marketing Intersects with Improving Online Customer Experiences

By Jillean Kearney on April 01, 2015

Two of the biggest trends in digital are currently data-driven marketing and optimizing customer experiences.

The two are directly related as data can be used to influence and improve the experiences of customers based on engagement trends, history and more.

A new report from Econsultancy, published in association with Ensighten, takes a deep dive into how marketers are using data to improve customer experiences.

The report found that a majority of agencies and client-side survey participants (93%) are currently pulling data from their website analytics. Two thirds are pulling CRM data to optimize experiences.

Additionally, the report investigates data modelling and how it feeds into other business practices.

"Most organisations typically lean towards ‘last click’ as their default attribution model, which puts a heavy weighting on the last stage of the journey, whilst ignoring the rest of the journey. While more than half are using data modelling for attribution, this is still a relatively small proportion given its rising appeal, particularly in the context of driving marketing efficiencies," David Moth wrote for Econsultancy.

Read more over at Econsultancy

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April 01, 2015
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