Infinite Scroll Proving to be a Success for Online Publishers

By Jillean Kearney on March 04, 2015

Infinite ScrollOver the last few years, online publishers have had to get creative in order to capture the attentions of consumers in a crowded digital stream of endless content.

A tactic that has worked for a handful of publishers is employing infinite scroll on their websites, a feature made popular by social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Infinite scroll loads content as the reader moves down the page.

Top executives at Time and Bloomberg claim that infinite scroll has proven to be successful in keeping readers on their sites longer and reading more content.

But it's not perfect.

"Publishers also face pressure to make sure ads are being seen by human as agencies push new viewability standards. And infinite scroll can be another hindrance to that already complicated process. When people scroll down the site, it's harder or ads to load in time," Lucia Moses wrote for Digiday.

Read more over at Digiday.

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March 04, 2015
Categories:  Web Strategists

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