Kate Spade's CMO Speaks to Fortune About Upcoming Plans & Initiatives

By Jillean Kearney on December 01, 2015

Kate Spade, a brand best known for its handbags, has big ambition. In 2015, it launched a home decor line, a casual line of clothing and audio products. It's also making waves with it new tech-enabled handbags that have built-in phone chargers.

The brand's chief marketing officer, Mary Beech, spoke to Fortune to discuss the brand's upcoming initiatives and plans for the holiday season.

On the role that marketing plays (and the CMO) at Kate Spade:

 "Marketing is in many ways the special sauce in what we do. Brand storytelling is something we do better than most out there. We have an incredibly clear idea of the Kate Spade New York girl and who she is. Our brand promise is that we inspire you to lead a more interesting life. It’s a very democratic promise: I’ve had an opportunity to speak to customers whose interesting lives include doing roller derby on the weekend, women whose interesting lives are cabaret singing or having six children."

Beech also spoke to Fortune about the brand's plans for the 2015 holiday season. She stated that this year's campaign focuses on "Get gifted" and the ability to personalize presents, and easy sell for a lifestyle brand.

Via Fortune.

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December 01, 2015
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