Mobile Commerce in 2016: Where it's Headed

By Jillean Kearney on January 06, 2016

This year will be huge for mobile commerce, especially after the surge in mobile shopping during the 2015 holiday shopping season.

Matt Asay, vp of mobile at Adobe Marketing Cloud told Digiday: "It was a fantastic season for mobile purchasing and mobile giving despite the fact that buying on the smartphone in particular causes a lot of stress." 

Asay also said that shoppers are ahead of retailers in terms of mobile commerce.

Mobile shopping experiences don't quite yet meet the expectations of consumers, and conversions are suffering as a result. To combat this, many retailers are ramping up their mobile shopping experiences this year.

An emerging trend in 2016 is focusing time and investment in mobile web, instead of apps. Only huge retailers like Amazon and Walmart have been able to find success with their own apps and regular consumer activity. For smaller retailers, traffic is driven to their website from Google searches, social media and other campaigns so an app doesn't make sense.

"Whatever makes sense for Amazon' isn't an industry strategy," Ajay Kapur, Moorweb's founder and CEO, said. "Everyone else really needs to focus on mobile web over mobile apps. Retailers like to think that people will want their app icon on their home screens, but that's not really the case."

Read more about where mobile commerce is going in 2016 over at Digiday.

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January 06, 2016
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