Study Finds that B2B Marketers Are Falling Behind in Digital

By Jillean Kearney on January 07, 2016

According to new research published by Bain & Company, B2B marketers are falling behind when it comes to creating engaging and dynamic digital experiences.

The study "Bought Not Sold: Marketing And Selling To Digitally Empowered Business Customers" cautions marketing and sales teams from operating separately.

Bain & Company parnter Mark Kovac stated, "Marketing and sales need to be tightly aligned, or they will ultimately perish. Otherwise, the CMO and the head of sales will be replaced by a chief commercial officer, through organizational structure integrates, those two functions."

Over 370 marketing and sales executives participated in Bain & Company's survey; and nearly half of the participants claimed that the behavior of B2B buyers has significantly changed as a result of digital. Only 12% stated that they are well-prepared for these changes. 

The study found that a small handful of B2B companies have adapted to this behavioral shift. These companies have three commonalities:

  • They all create and deliver content that is engaging and relevant

  • They have pinpointed a single view of their target customer

  • They are able to provide unique and pleasant experiences throughout the entire buying process

Kovac also stated: "My advice to CMOs and heads of marketing is up the game on premium content and thought leadership content. Shift spending away from the brand. And triple down on aligning your organization with the sales organization."

Via CMO by Adobe.

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January 07, 2016
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