The Web's Most Popular Brands

By Jillean Kearney on March 02, 2015

The Web's Most Popular BrandsInfegy recently released a report that ranks the most popular and most talked about brands online.

The report is based off of data collected from billions of online conversations that took place last year.

The billions of conversations mentioned about 800 top brands, and they were parsed through for positivity and negativity.

After that, the top 50 brands were ranked using a combination of how many conversations they were included in and how positive the sentiment regarding the brand was.

The report ranked Google as the most popular brand online in 2014 (for the second year in a row).

Twitter took the second spot, and Facebook followed by grabbing the third spot.

Visit MarketingProfs to see the brands that rounded out the top 10.

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March 02, 2015
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