What to Consider When Optimizing Web and Mobile User Experiences

By Jillean Kearney on May 13, 2015

Web and mobile users don't have time to deal with slow performance or any barriers between them and online information, functionality or service. 

You have mere milliseconds to capture a user's attention and to get them to complete a transaction or to convert. As an example: for every 100 milliseconds of latency, Amazon loses one percent of sales.

Thus, it's really important to provide users with seamless web and mobile experiences.

CMS Wire outlined five questions that you should ask yourself before you begin optimizing web and mobile experiences.

One question is "How important is it to measure the effectiveness of web and mobile applications?"

The answer: very important.

Without clear metrics that correlate web and mobile optimization to business goals, it's extremely difficult to understand how much engagement or revenue is missing and where to focus optimization efforts. 

"A successful web and mobile application optimization solution should enable you to measure the business impact of your optimization efforts to ensure you are focusing your efforts and investments on the areas that provide the greatest benefit to the business," Bob Buffone wrote.  

Read more over at CMS Wire.

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