What You Need to Know About Data + Personalization

By Jillean Kearney on October 19, 2015

What You Need to Know About Data + PersonalizationWebsite personalization didn't take off quite as expected in 2015.

A major reason why most companies didn't put personalization into practice this year is because of big data.

Personalization can't exist without big data.

Many companies lack the knowledge of where to find data and how to harness it.

HubSpot asked Phil Davis, a personalization and data expert, the most common questions about data. Davis is is the Chief Business Officer for TowerData, an email data service provider.

The primary question that companies have about data is, "How do you determine the right data?"

"The first thing you need to define is what you have access to," David said. "Start with what's at your fingertips: first-party data, and then third-party data." 

For most companies and their marketing teams, there are generally three types of data readily available. They break down like this: 

Behavioral Data: This data comes from the products or services that are purchased by customers. 

Brand Interaction: Use website analytics to find out how customers and prospects engage with your website? Look for top referral sources, pages viewed, success of social media campaigns, etc.

Demographic Data: Easy data to mine is existing demographic information like age, gender and location to learn more about customers and who to target.

"Get the data first, then figure out what data moves the needle." Davis said. "If you can't get your hands on all of it, or if it's too difficult to digest, just start with a few simple fields to get yourself on track for personalization."

Check out more of Davis' answers about data and personalization over at HubSpot.

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October 19, 2015
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