Why Your Website Isn't Generating Qualified Leads

By Jillean Kearney on July 10, 2015

Sometimes, a web page that has been built and optimized specifically for lead generation doesn't convert. So, HubSpot put together a list of the seven reasons why a web page's performance can be hindered. 

One such hindrance is promotional efforts gone awry. Attracting the wrong audience with CPC and other types of campaigns will result in high bounce rates and minuscule conversion rates.

Taking a peak at Google Analytics to check out which sources/campaigns are generating the highest bounce rates is a good place to start when investigating.

For paid campaigns, like AdWords, it may make sense to shut off campaigns completely or re-jig your targets.

"If, for instance, you are a business that targets a very specific segment of a market, you may find more success with a paid advertising tool that allows you to target with demographic and job info like LinkedIn versus a PPC campaign that can only target through keyword selection," Marc Herschberger wrote for HubSpot.

Other reasons outlined include poor design and confusing navigation. Read more over at HubSpot's Marketing Blog. 

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July 10, 2015
Categories:  Web Strategists

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